Fried dough is something you can never say no to. Lángos is a type of flat bread that is made with yeast, flour, salt, and water. You will often see this topped with sour cream yogurt, mashed potatoes, sausages, ham, or grated cheese. This is a certified Central Market Hall staple.

Lángos is a type of flat bread


Lecsó is Hungary’s version of veggie soup made with red and green peppers, onions, tomatoes, salt, lard, paprika, and sugar. This is stewy and thick and is the ultimate dream of any vegetarian.

Hungarians in the Kitchen – Lecsó (lecho)


You will easily find foie gras all over Hungary at cheap prices. Libamáj is a dish made of fried goose liver that is definitely a must-try if you happen to find yourself wondering the streets of Budapest


The Hungarian nokedli dumplings are similar to spaetzles that are made using noodle graters. The dough is then scraped into boiling water using a knife or a spoon.  You can pair this with butter although it is also served together with chicken paprikash or goulash. 


While there is so much more to Hungarian food, paprikas are often the beginning of everything. This often comes in spiced, sautted, powdered, or stuffed form. But, whatever it is, there is no denying that paprikas are absolute essentials for all foodie tourists. 

Paprikás Csirke

Paprikás Csirke is yet another one of the popular soups of Hungary. This is creamy complete with red-spiced paprika. This also comes with stewed chicken leg with soft and tender texture. 


Pörkölts is not like goulash but it is equally delicious.  This is a type of boneless meat dish stewed with vegetables and paprika but potatoes are not added. The meat used can vary from pork, chicken, lamb, and beef. The stew may taste like game because livers are often added to it. 

Rákóczi Túrós

Rákóczi Túrós is one type of shortcrust pastry that has sweet cottage cheese on top then finished off with a layer of apricot and meringue. This dessert tastes sweet and citrusy. 

Rakott Krumpli

All countries have their own versions of gratin and Hungary is not an exception. Rakott Krumpli is basically baked layered potatoes and is one of the best comfort foods you can find.  

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