Have you always wanted to make your skin better even while on a trip? Now is the perfect time to experience ultimate pampering with milk and honey massage! Once you’ve tried this unique massage, you will never think about switching to something else to achieve smoother and healthier skin!

Here are the top benefits of honey and milk massage that will surely convince you to try it sooner rather than later:

Skin Cleansing Made Better 

In case you don’t know it yet, raw milk is among the best cleansers out there. To do this, you can dip a clean cotton ball in raw milk. Use the cotton ball to wipe your face. Leave it on your skin for 5 minutes and splash some fresh water to wash it off. 

Cleansing your skin with raw milk regularly can make your skin supple, fair, and squeaky clean. Adding papaya to the milk can also work wonders. Papaya’s enzyme content can exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells. 

These types of massages are offered in a thermal spa in Slovenia. Be sure to visit and get one!

You just have to apply the milk and papaya mixture on your face and allow it to dry off for a few minutes. Wash away the mixture using cold water and enjoy fairer, cleaner, and fresher skin. 

Considering the cleansing properties of raw milk, you can just imagine how cleansed your skin will look and feel right after a honey and milk massage. 

Skin Exfoliation to the Next Level 

One of the contents of milk is the compound known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA. This compound is mainly used in high-end beauty products. AHA is discovered to help slow down the process of aging. 

You can whip up your homemade exfoliating mask using raw milk, honey, walnut powder, and oatmeal. You just need ½ tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of raw milk, ½ tablespoon of walnut powder, and two tablespoons of oatmeal.

pamper yourself with milk and honey massage
You can pamper yourself with milk and honey massage or a facial exfoliating mask using raw milk, honey, walnut powder, and oatmeal.

Mix all of these ingredients carefully to produce a thick paste. Apply the paste on your face and massage it gently. Leave the mixture on your skin for up to 10 minutes. Use cold water to wash your face and you’ll notice how marvellous your skin has become.

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