Checking the specs alone is not enough when shopping for the best laptop computer. Although the spec sheet and individual reviews still play an important role when looking for the right laptop for your needs, there are still a few common pitfalls that many buyers often encounter.

To save yourself from remorse and regret, here are the top laptop-buying mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 

Obsessing with Just One Specification Alone

Tunnel vision is always bad news when shopping for your next machine. While it is exciting to compare several spec sheets, never pick out just one particular spec as your main priority and look at that single factor alone. 

need an SD card reader
Many laptops today only have USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3. If you need an SD card reader, make sure that you choose a laptop with these ports or set aside a budget to get an adapter. 

Although you can always have one baseline spec in mind to guarantee that you will be getting your preferred performance, it is not a wise idea to obsess over one specification and nothing else. 

For example, it is easy to get excited about spending some extra bucks to double the RAM. However, the truth is that most users don’t really need over 8GB, except those who need to use serious software for their job. 

Similarly, you also shouldn’t obsess with processor speed, battery life, or resolution. If you are on a tight budget just like most people right now, you have to learn to balance a selection of hardware. See to it that you choose a laptop that has the hardware and features you need. Meanwhile, the rest that comes under budget will only be considered a bonus. 

Buying a Laptop Computer “For Today”

Watch this BEFORE buying a new laptop… to buy the best laptop!

It might sound like old advice yet it remains applicable to this day. Unless you want to get your hands on the latest and hottest tech, a new laptop can last for several years and possibly more if you need to save some bucks for a different purchase. Rather than getting a laptop solely for your current needs, it is recommended that you buy one that you can rely on for several years to come.

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