While it’s nice of your friends in IT to lend you a hand, they might just end up making the situation worse, unless they specifically belong to the field of data recovery. 

Continued use of your device after device failure or data loss has occurred may result in more loss of data or worse, permanent failure of your device. It is very common when it comes to hard drives although it also applies to smartphones, memory cards, and broken USB sticks.

USB stick
Continued use of you broken USB sticks may result in more loss of data

Trying to recover data without the right set of skills, knowledge, and tools is a recipe for disaster. Even if your friend happens to be an expert in a particular field of IT, the knowledge and skills that he or she has might not have anything to do with the data recovery

Watching YouTube Videos 

It’s almost a norm for people these days to turn to YouTube and watch videos that teach them how to do things, such as recovering data. Unfortunately, trusting everything you see on these videos might only worsen your issue, to the extent that your data may end up unrecoverable. 

One of the most important aspects of the process of recovering data is to guarantee the best recovery as much as possible, which will only happen if the fault is properly diagnosed in the first place. A professional engineer should conduct this diagnosis using the right methods within a clean and air-controlled environment before they try to do any engineering. 

How to defrag Hard Drive on Windows 11

While it’s true that YouTube videos are very informative, with some even made by experienced pros, every device is different, which means each one requires a specific form of treatment. There’s no way to tell what caused the fault until the issue is sufficiently investment. For all you know, the device might have multiple faults that need to be addressed. 

Downloading and Installing Recovery Software in the Drive in Question

Ceasing the use of the device affected and turning it off is the best thing you can do to ensure that you don’t worsen the data loss. Continued use of the drive such as downloading and installing the data recovery software will only worsen the device’s physical damage, preventing a successful recovery of data. Do yourself a favour and just leave the drive alone if you don’t want to make matters worse. 

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