The heat from all of these methods “activates” (actually “decarboxylates) the CBD and full spectrum cannabinoids of the plant so that, once ingested, your body can readily absorb those beneficial compounds. However, we do so much more with the plant. hemp flower by simply smoking it or making it into tea. Most people actually extract the active ingredient CBD to produce concentrated powders, oils, tinctures, gels and all kinds of other forms of insulation.

Joe Rogan “CBD is one of the best things I’ve ever tried for anxiety”

Some of these powders or oils simply extract the CBD on its own. This powder or oil is then made into tinctures, pills, dog treats and sometimes other teas! Yes, more CBD tea! So now that we’ve talked about it, you are naturally wondering: what is the difference between the hemp tea and CBD tea?

The difference between hemp tea and CBD tea or CBD spray

Hemp tea is made from the hemp flower and does not undergo any chemical extraction process. The high-CBD hemp flower is blended into an herbal tea to create an all-natural CBD product. CBD tea, on the other hand, is made using high-energy CBD and often chemically extracted.

Hemp tea
Hemp tea is a calming infusion with potential advantages for stress relief, cardiovascular wellness, improved sleep, and possibly alleviating chronic pain

That CBD isolate is often sprinkled over regular tea leaves to create the drinkable brew. CBD Tea is just that: rich in CBD and nothing else. This means that you are missing out on all the amazing benefits of the full spectrum hemp flower.

So while there may be other CBD teas on the market, be sure to read what’s really in the hemp product you buy.

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