While it is already common knowledge that there are vitamins that encourage better physical health, not many people know that all those minerals and vitamins that enter your body can also have a significant effect on how healthy your brain is. 

As far as overall nutrition and health, there is no way that you can separate your body from your mind. These two always go hand in hand. This means that if you neglect one, the other will also suffer. This is why taking vitamins that can support and promote a healthier body may also be able to help support brain function and mental health. 

When your body experiences some vitamin deficiencies, this can make your organ grow weak while working less effectively. If your organs don’t function properly, it increases your risk of developing different ailments and conditions that can dramatically affect both your physical and mental health. 

Remember that your brain is also an organ, and it needs some nutrients for it to continue its function. Below are some vitamins that you might want to add to your diet to boost your brain function and support mental health:

B Vitamins

Some of the best vitamins you can find for your mental health are none other than B vitamins. B vitamins are popular for their mood-altering abilities. This helps improve your memory, fight off fatigue, and let you function with better clarity as a whole. Deficiencies in B vitamins such as B12, B2, and B1 can result in irritability, fearfulness, anxiety, and depression. 

B vitamins are popular for their mood-altering abilities
B vitamins are popular for their mood-altering abilities. They help improve your memory and fight off fatigue.

B9 and B12 are essential vitamins to help maintain a healthy nervous system. These two are required for the production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Serotonin and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters found in the brain that influence moods and mental behavioral patterns. 

Cold-pressed herbs, fruits, vegetables, oils, and even algae are great sources of omega-6 or 3 fatty acids. These foods also contain all the vitamins for dogs and humans, if you want to take care of your pet. 

CBD Resin 

Extraction Explained: How to Make CBD Resin, Shatter, Craft Concentrates & More

The effects of CBD resin, which is one of the active substances found in cannabis, are now starting to gain attention in terms of its benefits for mental health. This is among the most popular traditional varieties of hemp. This is increasingly exploited due to its healing, therapeutic, and anxiolytic properties.

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