Did you know that a study discovered that swimmers have a lower risk of early death and death because of stroke and heart disease?

Swimming can even stack up against other popular forms of exercise. It was even revealed that swimmers tend to live longer compared to runners and walkers. And mind you, it’s not just a bit longer. Another study learned that most swimmers were less likely to die throughout the study period than runners or walkers. 

It Supports Cardiovascular Fitness 

Spending some time in swimming pools or in a thermal water is also an accessible and effective way to boost lung function and heart health and enhance your overall fitness. It means that your body becomes more efficient in using oxygen, and this can improve your cognitive function and make you feel more energised.

Enjoying in swimming pools
Taking the plunge in the swimming pool, the perfect recipe for an unparalleled boost in cardiovascular fitness

Since breathing control is also involved every time you go for a swim, it is also great for people diagnosed with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as asthma sufferers. 

It’s Strength Training at Its Finest

Swimming is not just a great workout for your cardiovascular system because it’s also an amazing form of strength training. It makes your bones stronger and maintains better health of your muscles thanks to the movements you make against the water and its natural resistance. 

Swimming For Weight Loss | Swim Tips For Losing Weight

This makes swimming an ideal way to easily reach the physical activity levels recommended by the government that now include targets for muscle building and aerobic exercise because swimming lets you do both at the same time. Resistance exercise can also improve your balance to help prevent fractures and falls, especially in older adults. 

It’s Great for Pregnant Women 

Working out during pregnancy can offer a lot of benefits for both the baby and the mother. Aquatic exercise and swimming in the swimming pools of Thermana Laško are highly recommended even for pregnant women because of the reduced risk of injury and falling. There is also a buoyancy factor involved that comes in handy when your due date is almost here.

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