Considering what the world has been through these past few years, it’s no surprise that people have become more concerned about their health and well-being. This clamour resulted in high demand for supplements that will protect and sustain the body. One of the newcomers in the health industry that has been gaining the attention of the experts and general public alike is none other than serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase at a Glance 

Enzymes are a form of proteins that act as the catalysts for trillions of chemical reactions taking place in the human body daily. These enzymes also guarantee the efficient and timely performance and completion of essential metabolic processes. 

Humans have a bank of enzymes in the body. They are involved in pretty much everything, from blinking to thinking. These are the catalysts that trigger the body’s biochemical and chemical reactions. The most popular enzymes can be found in the digestive system. They assist the body in breaking down and absorbing all the macronutrients present in the foods you consume. 

Proteases such as serrapeptase are known as systemic enzymes because they can stay active even outside the gastrointestinal tract.

However, enzymes don’t just help with food digestion. They also help you heal, protect you from bacteria, reduce your inflammatory load, and maintain homeostasis. 

Proteases such as serrapeptase are known as systemic enzymes because they can stay active even outside the gastrointestinal tract. These can also be distributed through different fluids of the body like blood. Serrapeptase, as a form of proteolytic enzyme, helps with breaking down proteins into amino acids. It includes the proteins that accumulate in the body because of illness or injury. 

Most enzymes occur in the human body by nature, including the digestive enzymes. But others should be taken in the form of supplements because the body either doesn’t produce them or only produces them in small amounts. 

Serrapeptase is originally isolated from bacteria found in silkworms. This is taken as a form of natural dietary supplement that helps reduce pain and inflammation. Also called serratiopeptidase, numerous medical specialties have been using the enzyme, from otorhinolaryngology and dentistry to orthopedics and surgery. 

Healthcare researchers and scientists continue to learn more about serratiopeptidase and its fibrinolytic, proteolytic, mucolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its original supplement form was derived from Serratia peptidase or Serratia E-15 protease. This is an enzyme produced by a bioactive bacterial group that evolved from the procedure that allows silkworms to turn into moths. 

Serrapeptase, as a form of proteolytic enzyme, helps with breaking down proteins into amino acids. It includes the proteins that accumulate in the body because of illness or injury. 

Serratia bacteria are critical for the survival of silkworms. Once the silkworm finishes weaving a silk cocoon and starts to transform into a moth, its gut releases Serratia bacteria. This then produces serrapeptase. Since the enzyme can eat through protein, it can dissolve the silk cocoon and open it up to allow the emergence of the newly grown silk moth. 

This enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties by nature and it’s the reason why it is being investigated as a potential substitute for the commonly utilized non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Several supplements available in the market use its vegan alternative form. 

Potential Benefits of Serratiopeptidase 

Serratiopeptidase has been used for years in Europe and Japan due to its short-term anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. However, scientists are working hard to fully understand it and its properties through further clinical trials and studies. 

As of writing, it is assumed to be a safe choice for treating certain conditions. There are also no adverse events and side effects reported concerning its use for dental swelling and pain, treatment of knee osteoarthritis for obese patients, staphylococcal infections, and otorhinolaryngological inflammation. But some studies are already over 10 years old while others are too small to be considered statistically significant. 

Based on the findings, reports, and claims, below are some of the potential benefits of serratiopeptidase together with a few caveats:

It May Help Clear Mucus 

Although there was documentation of serratiopeptidase’s mucolytic properties, there is insufficient peer-reviewed or new research to provide a more definitive answer. Some researchers stated that several properties of the enzyme can act as an adjuvant for COVID-19 management. 

It Can Assist with Blood Clotting

Serrapeptase can also assist with blood clots as this can break down fibrin and tissue. However, researchers state that additional work is required to fully understand this particular potential benefit. It’s also the reason why serratiopeptidase is usually combined with nattokinase, a type of proteolytic enzyme. 

Derived from the fermented soybean food natto, nattokinase shows strong fibrinolytic activity. However, researchers claim that evidence is not enough to back up the use of serrapeptase for supporting cardiovascular health. There is also no data when it comes to the long-term safety of its use. 

It Reduces Dental Swelling and Pain 

Research also suggests that serratiopeptidase may also be safe and effective to use following some dental procedures including the removal of an impacted molar. The enzyme showed better results for the treatment of lockjaw or trismus compared to corticosteroids. 

However, the enzyme didn’t show any significant difference in swelling compared with corticosteroids. But once again, further research is required because there are only five studies available for review as of writing. 

Natural dietary supplements are products made from natural ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, intended to supplement one’s diet and provide additional nutrients.

It May Help Treat Infections 

Serratiopeptidase may also boost the effectiveness of some antibiotics as it prevents bacteria from producing the protective biofilms that they surround themselves with. As a result, the enzyme may support an overall strategy for infection treatments. 

It Can Reduce Inflammation 

Researchers also discovered that serratiopeptidase helped with swelling and inflammation among people who suffer from disorders of the throat, nose, and ears. 

Considering all of these, it is safe to say that additional studies are required to help establish the potential health benefits of serratiopeptidase. 

Final Words

Before you decide to take serrapeptase or any other supplements for that matter, always consult your healthcare provider or doctor first. 

More than anyone else, they can give you expert medical advice and professional opinions as to whether you should take serratiopeptidase or not. 

They will also discuss with you its potential risks, including its negative interactions with your existing supplements and medications. It is particularly critical for people susceptible to allergic reactions since new forms of proteins will be added to their diet. 

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