Auto parts can be a tricky topic that tends to get confusing. If you like do-it-yourself auto repairs, then you know how difficult it can be to find the right part at the right price. A guide to purchasing car spare parts will help you decide what type of spare parts you need and what will be involved in the purchase, so let’s mention the essentials to be aware of and what to know about both parts and cars in general. But let’s start from the beginning and see what this world is made up of. I wouldn’t have thought that auto spare parts were only of one type and it was easy to choose them right?

Auto parts that don’t need to be new and that no one will ever see (things like a PCM, transmission, etc) then using them as spare parts is a great way to find a solution to a repair or replacement at a very affordable price.

What are auto spare parts and what kind are there

As anticipated we are not lucky enough to have/be able to make a unique choice but we have to consider different types of auto spare parts.

Let’s begin with what we can call OEM, an English acronym that means Original Equipment Manufacturer. That is the original piece.

Basic auto parts explained if you are going to buy auto parts online

If you take your car to a dealership, for repairs or replacements, they will only use brand-new OEM parts. This is one of the reasons dealer repairs are so much more expensive. In general, OEM parts are much more expensive than aftermarket or used parts. Most of the time you don’t need to spend extra money on this type of auto parts, but sometimes you do it for convenience, limited time, or car type. OEMs are enthusiasts’ favorite auto parts and must-haves for collectors.

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