Countries worldwide are going through some serious housing crises right now, and Slovenia is no exception. But what makes the nation different is that its housing crisis is twofold. Continue reading to learn more about the strange phenomenon of oversized, underused, and unused houses for sale in Slovenia, in rural and suburban areas. 

A Look at the Slovenian Dream 

Like most cities, Ljubljana has faced a lack of quality but affordable housing. But while it presents a dire situation, the country is dealing with the housing crisis on yet another aspect. Although most Slovenian cities lack housing, other parts of the nation see excessive available housing. 

If “The American Dream House” was brought to life during the 1950s represented by a white picket fence, driveway, garage, garden, swings, and dog, “The Slovenian Dream House” was coined during the 1960s. Like the US’s American Dream, the Slovenian Dream has always been a house in rural areas or suburbs closer to nature. 

Ljubljana luxury house
There are some big, luxurious, modern houses for sale in Ljubljana.

It resulted in somewhat varied types of residential buildings leading to endless roads linking single homes and the increased use of personal vehicles. Through the years, the countryside of Slovenia was devoid of its natural landscape because of oversaturated construction. 

However, it’s quite ironic that as people relocated to the countryside where they could be closer to nature, they also started to wreak havoc on the natural environment they were craving in the first place. 

Construction in suburban and rural areas might not be unique to Slovenia, but how it is done is probably unique. When the 1960s ended, industrialization was already growing, with a new economic reform entering the picture. This led to the rise of new successful companies, new and better things sold in stores, more earnings for people, and society gaining this new sense of optimism. 

From the incredible natural beauty, cave systems, and world-famous Lake Bled, there is so much to see and do in Slovenia. Knowing what may surprise you will make your visit when searching for houses for sale in Slovenia even better.

In Slovenia, specifically following the Second World War, quick urbanization occurred, increasing the clamour for housing typologies requiring quick construction and offering adequate standards.

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