Let’s face it: it can be a very messy and noisy experience to drive with your windows down. Even keeping the windows up while driving can produce some wind noise depending on the door seals and how aerodynamic a car is. Thankfully, a solution was developed, none other than the air deflector.

Air deflectors, also known as wind deflectors, rain guards, or wind visors, are designed and meant to redirect the air away from the vehicle to keep things quiet and nice during your drive. But more than this, wind deflectors also have many other clever uses. 

Continue reading below to learn more about air deflectors. 

What are Air Deflectors?

Air deflectors are the plastic panels attached to a car’s exterior, typically in the window channel or on top of the window. As their name suggests, wind deflectors deflect the wind away from the vehicle. 

Car air deflectors are handy during rainy months.
Car air deflectors can also add a touch of style to your vehicle.

Window deflectors are made from plastic material and molded into a highly aerodynamic shape to let the air deflect away from the car. These panels are most frequently used as side window wind deflectors although you can also buy winglet wind deflectors and bonnet wind deflectors for several models. 

How Do Air Deflectors Work?

Side air deflectors work by redirecting the flow of air away from the vehicle. Wind deflectors form an aerodynamic barrier between the car and the air. The moment the wind has come into contact with the wind deflector, the aerodynamic shape will force the air to flow around the vehicle rather than directly on it. 

What Do Air Deflectors Do?

Air deflectors are extremely useful and handy for many reasons. However, the most recognized advantage they offer is the significantly reduced wind noise when traveling at speed. You can expect a wind noise reduction of 40% to 50% when using an air deflector depending on the quality of the window and door seals. 

How to install car air deflectors?

This reduction is greatly beneficial during warmer times of the year when windows are often kept down, making the driving experience quieter and more comfortable. It is also very useful during long road trips when you want to engage in conversations without shouting at top of your lungs or enjoy listening to your favorite music.

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